Product Description

VINEYARD INFO/REGION The vineyard is located at the northern end of the Barossa Valley, about 4 kilometers north of Nuriootpa, on genlty undualting slopes with elevations as high as 340 meters The Barossa region is known for its relatively low rainfall with many vineyards dry farmed on single wire trellising. Fertile soils and minimal water are the key factors that have made Barossa Shiraz the benchmark of all Australian red wines. WINE MAKING/VITICULTURE Grapes were first tasted out in the vineyards, making sure that the flavor profiles were to specification. The grapes were then harvested at optimal sugar levels and flavor and fermented at cool temperatures to extract fine tannins and structure, just enough to the build complexity and aiming to create a rich soft full youthful wine. Once fermentation was completed, three parcels went separate ways: a portion was aged up to 12 months in selected new French oak adding vanilla and coffee flavors, another was aged also up to 12 months in new American oak providing hints of mocha and cinnamon, and the third was aged in one year and two year American and French oak to create well rounded soft tannins with underlying dark chocolate flavors. In combining these three parcels, it created a superior well balanced wine with plenty of flavor ready to be enjoyed TASTING NOTES: This 2011 Barossa Shiraz has a deep, brick red color with a crimson red core. On the nose is a combination of ripe raspberry, black cherries, and blackcurrant with hints of eucalyptus and underlying woody spices. The rich flavor of cherry chocolate, plum and dark fruitcake fill this wonderful wine with creamy warm texture of vanilla and toast with sweet lovely velvety tannins on the finish. VINTAGE: 2011 ALCOHOL: 14% by volume PH LEVEL: 3.5% TOTAL ACIDITY: 5.5g