Product Description

Love is In the Air! Share your love of wine and the planet with this Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Crafted at the first carboNZero™ certified winery in the world, eco. love wines are food-friendly, Earth-friendly and wallet-friendly! Some relationships are meant to happen. Two women unite with a shared vision of a better world to bring you wine and the chance to make a difference. That’s what happened when sisters Andrea and Robin McBride, separated at birth and raised on two different continents, were reunited as adults. They discovered they not only had a mutual passion for winemaking, but a joint belief in reducing their carbon footprint. They set out to make New Zealand wines in an environmentally conscious way using sustainable farming practices, even bottling their wines in beautiful recycled glass with natural inks. They ultimately became the first carboNZero™ certified winery in the world. Their Sauvignon Blanc is made with fruit from top-notch vineyards in New Zealand’s Marlborough region, arguably the best region in the world for growing Sauvignon Blanc. Crafted in the New Zealand style popularized in the 1980s – it’s the kind you can count on for piercing refreshment and the kind that marries beautifully with spicy ethnic dishes of all types. Tasting Notes The distinctive character for which Marlborough is renowned – a striking intensity of kiwi and passion fruit aromas coupled with bright tropical fruit and citrus flavors. Perfect for the wine lover who. Relishes the bright, vibrant New Zealand style of Sauvignon Blanc (and isn’t afraid to toss a handful of bold jalapenos into the recipe). If you like this wine. You may also enjoy the Casas Patronales 2007 Sauvignon Blanc (CHI116) from Chile. Bright yellow grass in color, this wine shows a very intense and complex nose with notes of passion fruit, lemon pastry, melon and vanilla. The palate is concentrated, powerful and plush but still fresh, with a nice balance of peach and apple flavors and a long clean finish. $14.99/bottle. Food & Wine Pairing The acidity of the wine will form a pleasing contrast to sautéed sole with fennel, lemon and panko breadcrumbs. It will also stand up well to tangy tomatillo sauce over grilled swordfish. About the Vintners The McBride sisters were born in Los Angeles but raised a world apart in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Andrea spent her early years in New Zealand as a free spirit and budding athlete playing in her uncle’s modest but beautiful vineyard and exploring every nook and cranny of Marlborough wine country. Robin grew up in the central coast of Monterey, California, riding her bike, wandering barefoot, and picking fresh fruit and flowers from her neighborhood. It wasn’t until the sisters were fully grown that they were told about each other’s existence. The girls shared their first embrace in NYC, and despite their bi-cultural upbringing and the years spent apart, they hit it off instantly. We believe that everybody can be innovative and creative in their own way. eco. love Wines is our way. It’s our vision to create wines that enrich a celebration of life, beauty and optimism, for the betterment of humankind. eco. love Wines is all about being accessible, beautiful, sustainable, and delicious! Once the sisters found each other, they didn’t let go. Andrea moved to California to pursue athletics and academic studies at USC – and to be closer to Robin, who was balancing a successful career with being a mom to three wonderful children. It wasn’t long until they began to realize just how special their relationship was. The unique aspects of their personalities combined to form a solid partnership which, along with their combined global perspective, a desire to take care of the planet, a love for good wine and an ability to dream big, led them to start eco. love Wines. Today, Andrea and Robin are rarely at a distance; they are business partners, best friends and sisters who spend their time laughing, working hard and supporting each other, always.