Product Description

Not all white wines age in the same way. French wines frequently (but not always) take longer to mature, as the levels of acidity can be higher. This helps preserve a wine. But many New World wines can also age. Tannins help, but because tannins mostly from the skins, and white wines are generally fermented without the skins, tannins are much lower. Phenols can help preserve a wine. Whites generally have lower phenolics, but barrel fermentation and oak aging can help. And as a white changes, the tastes also change. The fruit starts to fade, but other characteristics become more prominent. A buttery chardonnay will remain buttery and enhance so many great wines. Some whites just naturally age well. Rieslings can last for 30 years or more, as can Chenin Blancs. Dessert wines that have much sugar can last almost forever. And while Chardonnays don’t last for many decades, there are quite a few that gain in complexity, subtlety and gentle flavors and tastes over the many years. We invite you to try a delicious French Chardonnay, from the region that produces the best Chardonnay, the Maison Champy 2008 Vin De Bourgogne Pernand Vergelesses. Compare this great White Burgundy with two stunning California Chardonnays, the Palmaz 2009 Amalia Napa Valley Chardonnay and the Hanzell 2009 Sebella Sonoma Chardonnay. While these wines are complex, they are not “intellectual” that requires great thoughts and discussions. They are lush, sensual, and truly delicious. They are perfect for relaxing at your summer home, in your Adirondack chair, under the tree, by the lake, while reading your favorite novel for the fifth time. Taste the enjoyable differences in these three Chardonnays: One from Burgundy, one from Sonoma, and one from Napa. This Collection includes ONE bottle of each of the following: Maison Champy 2008 Vin De Bourgogne Pernand Vergelesses Alluring bouquet of nutty and toasty aromas over intense citrus and wild mint – lively acidulated lemon and fresh lime awaits on the palate, along with elegant minerality and a precise and lingering finish. Palmaz 2009 Amalia Napa Valley Chardonnay Inviting layers of citrus aromas and rich tropical flavors. Aged sur-lies to ensure a subtle richness that does not overwhelm the fruit characteristics. Hanzell 2009 Sebella Chardonnay Hanzell Chardonnay is one of Napa’s greatest, but it always needs a few years to open up and start to show. has given it that time and now it is perfect. Aromas of white flowers, citrus blossom, and tangy apple fruit.