Product Description

Our Italian buyers ventured to Tuscany and the Langhe region of the north to uncover a “Baby Super Tuscan”, the 2005 Corte all Mine, Cuvee CEP and the super-premium 2007 Salvano, Sognante, Langhe Chardonnay. This Italian duo makes the perfect combination to have on hand when company calls. The former has been dubbed “very good” by wine critic, Robert Parker while the latter proves that Italy too can produce world-class Chardonnay. Produced in the hills overlooking Alba comes a Chardonnay from the Langhe shining a lustrous straw yellow color. It exudes a delicate and fruity bouquet reminiscent of fresh-cut flowers. This young fragrant wine is perfect as an aperitif and matches beautifully with fish dishes and soups. A beautiful addition to our Prestige Collection, a fantastic line of premium, special occasion wines. Silver, highly recommended, 2010 World Wine Championships