Product Description

Uvaggio is the result of two guys who represent a triple threat: too much experience, a low threshold for boredom and a desire to do something unique, which is why we make wines in California with grape varieties indigenous to Italy such as Arneis, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, even a Vin Santo. Their theory is simple: if California has a climate perfect for growing Mediterranean varietals, why not take advantage of it?Based on that theory – the guys at Uvaggio believe that if they grow the right grape in the right place, they can manage to get by with their respective degrees in psychology and geography. Simply put – they are passionate about wine and they craft those wines for people who want to experience something different than your typical California product. They focus on creating a contemporary style somewhat anonymously, relatively inexpensively and eschew the corporate, cookie cutter approach. Made from fruit grown in Oakville blended with the produce of a cooler vineyard in Santa Ynez way south down the coast. Irresistible.