Product Description

VINEYARD INFO / REGION Located in Chile’s Central Valley, the most productive and internationally known Chilean wine region, the Curico Valley is quickly growing in popularity. It contains two distinct sections, with varying soils and climates, giving this region the ability to produce wines of great diversity. The grapes used to create this Sauvignon Blanc were sourced from vineyards located in the eastern part of the Curico Valley. Located near the slopes of the Andes, allowing it to experience cool breezes coming off the mountains. Soils are flat, eroded, rich in minerals and highly permeable. WINEMAKING / VITICULTURE Fermentation starts with an active dry yeast at 57° – 61° F and is managed by a reductive method with minimal aeration protecting the wine from oxidation. This wine is then conserved on its lees in stainless steel vats for 2-3 months before bottling. TASTING NOTES Bright, pale yellow with green highlights in appearance with an intense nose of citrus and green apples, with a faint hint of grass. A crisp mouth entry leads to a light bodied and very fresh finish. Best paired with green salads, ceviche or sushi.